*Recruiting now* - Everyone welcome from all backgrounds. (PS3)

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I started up this clan looking for COD players from all walks of life whatever your background and age feel welcome here.

Team up with friends meet new people or just play solo the freedom is yours i am making this clan to make gaming online more fun for everyone.


I will enter the Clan in the Clan Ops, I will personally take part in all challenges if you decide to join this clan and you are available at the time of the clan challenges please take part, this clan is for enjoyment of playing with friends with the added bonus of being in a clan.

Please feel free to join here: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5702452

- What have you got to lose join a clan make new friends have some fun, and if its not for you there is always that leave clan button

(This is a new clan at rank 1 so i am up for any suggestions or input from you fellow gamers in regards to the clan, lets see if we can make a great community clan that clan climb those leaderboards)

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