Recruiting VEGANS!! For Elite Clan: HerbivoreCarnage

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CALLING ALL VEGANS/VEGAN-CURIOUS! Haha... I decided to create my own clan and thought "why not try something NO one has done yet", hence, HerbivoreCarnage; a clan made by a vegan, for vegans. Together we can share stories, give advice, and kick some fuckin ASS on Call of Duty! So tell your friends, family, nerdy co-workers, that guy over there, your girlfriend, her girlfriends, your neighbors, Tom Gabel/Laura Jane (lead singer of Against Me! (who's a vegan)) that the vegans are taking over everything, including CoD Elite Clans! It's all tongue-and-cheek humor that I don't want people taking too serious (such as member grudges, who's not pulling their weight,and so on), but I would like as many members as possible, both vegan and vegan-curious alike!

No specific requirements.

No k/d specs you have to meet.

No talking about PETA and how "great" they are.

No swimming....ok go swimming.

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