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Hey everyone,

my name is Dahm Ahmaazing and i along with Thats Ahmaazing are the leaders of the clan Ahmaaze Me.

The clan is a Xbox only we do not have ps3's sorry bout that.

We have had to let a few people go due to not doing enough for the clan recently, so we are hiring!!!

The clan is a quickscoping clan that does alot of clan ops and we are talking about making a youtube channel.

We are most active in Mw3 but some players like myself dabble in Black Ops 2

We are looking for players that are very good at quick scopping and we will be holding tryouts for anyone that wants to

join the clan. If you are interested you can apply for our clan at

Our clan is not a very high level yet because we have only just started trying to aim towards clan ops and leveling

up the clan!!! Apply for the clan or message my gamertag on Xbox Dahm Ahmaazing.

thanks for the read hope to see you quick scopping soon.

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