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I had a few questions about the story line of MW3 and MW in general that I hoped someone could answer...

1. What is Makorav?  Is he like a fascist wannabe or a super communist?

I never really found out, I never played MW1... Russia is already communist, so he is ether super communist, Fascist, or Nationalist. 

2. What is the Nuke in MW1?  Can someone summerize that part of the story?

3. Who is in control of Russia?  Makorov or the Russians?  I finally got the airport level, so I know why Russia attacked but then they attacked all the contries and Makorov kidnapped the President...  So who exactly made those attacks.

4. Is Makorav and Russia different?  They seems to not fight each other or the same thing... like are the spetnaz inline with Makorav?

Thanks, I missed a lot on MW2 story line I wansn't really paying that much attention

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