Prestige Shop and the disincentive to Prestige in MW3...

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Just looking at the design of it and how much time IW has been trying to put into this game effort wise, I doubt that there would be serious glitches in it, but I could be very wrong about that as well. Hopefully they will put in the time and effort that they did with MW1 into this game and make it just as enjoyable in leveling up.

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I thought I recognized this thread. Taking over our site and the MW3 forums now aren't we? lol

Anyay, I'm pretty sure you can only unlock Prestige Shop item only once per Prestige.

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World domination...

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That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I know I'm not going to reset my stats, that's for sure. I probably won't even make it to the last prestige.

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Prestiging helped me what guns i really liked.

If i never prestiged in BO i would still be running around with the commando and G11.

Prestiging forced me to use other weapons. Ill be prestiging in MW3 for the same reason. its a learning experiance

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