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Hi Guys, Whenever i play mw3, sometimes it begins to Lag majorly, i look at my Thompson Gateway, All lights are fine but then 2 seconds later i lose the LAN light and the Internet light. MW3 then goes back to the main multiplayer menu and then says "Error connecting to the activision server", i then get signed out of PSN. This isnt such a big deal if i can just sign back in and continue. However when i sign back in, ive lost the amount of game time ive played as well as all the XP ive earned. Sometimes it'd only be one match of XP but last night it was a whole half hour and set me back to almost the start ): My LAN never drops out any other time only when i play MW3, Someone please help! Any Suggestions Please. - x_Nelson_x

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Go to Network Settings and Disable the Media Server. Not needed unless you are actually using one. When gaming you want it off. Try that and come back if you still have issues.

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