[PS3] Well oriented COD MW3 player looking for a COD MW3 clan with high level (2.74 K/D / 83,000 Kills /19th prestige)

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[PS3] Well oriented COD MW3 player looking for a C...

Im looking for a active clan with high clan level. Im 24-year old player from Finland and my main gametype is KC. I've been a lone cannon for a long time and i hope to get a team with nice teamwork and communication.  I hope that the clan would have following characteristics:
- High clan level
- Active mw3 players with pure skill
- Headsets
- Elite members
- Clanwars / battles vs other clans + inside matches
- Nice forums + website
- Able to communicate in english
- Minimum age requirement of 18 (I seriously dont wan't to wreck my ears by listening crybabies
- Best of all the clan needs to have fun together

Add me by PSN: maramuna (write a message)
or advertise your clan in forums

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