P2P authentication checks Update has arrived in MW3

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P2P authentication checks Update has arrived in MW...

Please Note: This has been rolled back temporarily while we sort an issue out.

Hey everyone -

The latest PC patch includes added security measures to prevent our legitimate players from matching with players that are known cheaters and hackers.

Every time a legitimate player automatically quits a lobby or game due to a bad host or client they will receive a message.

For example:

"Disconnected due to bad client"

This means that we've prevented continuing play where some players had an unfair advantage (aka hackers). These players are also reported and banned when appropriate.

We believe that our legitimate players should only be matched with others that play without cheats/hacks. We realize that this may cause some issues in the short term as we begin to find and ban the bad players.

Please be patient as we let the system do its job, which is to provide you with a fair and balanced multiplayer experience as it was intended by our designers.

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