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Was i the only one before the game came out that wanted to Overkill a shotgun secondary but shortly saw that Overkill in this gme is pointless because almost everyone has a ACR, MP7 or another good weapon that could act as a secondary. Well better yet the MP work as a better primary then most real primarys which means you don't need Overkill.

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I spent this last prestige with overkill. I had on two LMG’s and ran with recon. It was something different and had fun with it.

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i also wanted to do tthat but little point as too many weapons are good at all ranges imo only use it in dropzone for the xp of levelling it

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Overkill would definitely be much more useful if you moved at the speed of your fastest weapon.

However you move at the speed of your slowest weapon which makes the perk total garbage.

Why? Because i can just shoot someone and use their weapon. Chances are it'll be an ACR or MP7 with Extended mags/rapid fire/Holo/Red dot. Why would you need any other gun in the game?.

Not to mention Akimbo FMG's are better than most primaries.

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Yea it's actually kind of pointless. I've heard some good ideas on how to change it to make it better, but IW is not interested in fixing or balancing MW3

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They should change the perk to underkill, which would let you use 3 secondary weapons. Would be much more useful.

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Overkill is nice but I've only found that a shotgun/smg combo is really effective without handicapping yourself. A big one I was looking forward to was a riot shield and AR but the shield is sooo heavy, I think its the slowest weapon in the game.

It certainly needed more to it to be worth while. Something like warlords pro variation from Blops giving you an extra nade and flash. Maybe it would give you the speed reduction for your primary weapon instead of your heaviest weapon.

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