New perk idea for IW's next game.

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New perk idea for IW's next game.

So when MW3 came out there was a thread about perk ideas and possible perk DLC. I had an Idea I'd like to see in the next IW game.

Assuming the next game comes out for the next generation consoles, there will be so much space so we can have more things in the game then ever before. I want so much more perks than we have ever seen. On these forrums I have seen  some amazing ideas.

I highly hope that pro perks return and IW doesn't copy Treyarch, Pro perks are fun to get.

Perk idea, (Lean) - Ability to lean around a wall and hip fire. Pro varient- Ability to lean and ADS.

Hoping one of the best underrated MW3 perks come back, (Recon) This and flashbangs would be the best counter to (Lean).

I'd like to see a little more tactics in the next game. Black ops 2 is the worst COD to date in terms of tactics.

If the next game has really large maps, with more players like 32 players, "lean" could be used tactically and fit right into the game.

I could picture a large urban style map with a firefight from one side of a courtyard to the other, Assault drones and ground killstreaks, explosions and trophy systems, people flanking and using the lean perk to tactically move about. I have a good vision of what COD could be on next gen consoles, I hope it is how I vision.

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