New maps are here

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cantshoot wrote:

Downloading now in the UK

Thanks a lot for posting this. At 3:30 AM Texas time nothing at all showed up.

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Defo got them not lying or trolling !

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lol na it's there i turned off my xbox then turn it on started mw3 got the update

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not working here then, then again, it is elite, so it may take 3 months to work.

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are these maps available to non-premium members yet? i got the impression the 2 maps are for both premium and non premium.

I am premium on my ps3 but not xbox and was hoping as a free member to give them a try. I cant see anything to download for the maps but do have the latest patch. Bviously it wont let me in the ELITE playlist as i aint premium. any advice?

EDIT: Forget it, i figured it out, we get the maps tomorrow!

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It seems theirs a little confusion as to when non elite members get the maps.... Is it tommorow? I am non elite and i still got the 7mb update but canceld it by accident. Now i cant find it anywhere Smiley Frustrated

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I quite like these new maps very interesting. Only played the two free face-off maps and Oasis which was beautiful the water animation on some of the walls is spectacular. I'm yet to play the Elite Drop Faceoff maps. I esp like Erosion, but that may be because I won in a 1v1 where my sneak play comes off.

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just played 2 games on them

both on lookout

1v1 is decent

2v2 is camping galore on that map, they just sit there with 2 man on the hill, GL trying to reach them...

the maps are bigger as rust for sure, so wonder why we can't just play 6v6's on them

and imho that's a huge fail that we can't just play 6v6's on them

always when the smaller maps like dome/rust etc come up people vote those maps

can't understand the dev's don't see most cod players like those chaotic gameplays

ah well...

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I was thinking the same thing...Why are they not in 6 v 6?

I just hope they see that we want them in modes and put them in...

< fingers crossed >

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