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Below is my complaint to the BBB about Activision's Elite.  You can read Activisions response as to want to work out a resolution to settle our differences.  For those whom say contacting the BBB will not get you anything.  They have made an effort to contact me.  Unfortunately they have no since tried since 10/26/2012.  My complaint is upheld with the BBB and proves Acitivision is a scam.  Just because BLOPS 2 is here doesnt mean I will not continue to fight the good fight against crappy customer service.  Perhaps COD is to large for Activision to handle, but my experience with MW3 has been terrible to say the least.

Complaint Details

Activision Publishing, Inc
3100 Ocean Park Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Contact: Terzian, Phil
Phone: (310) 255-2000


We have closed our file and we appreciate your using the Better Business Bureau. This complaint will remain in our file on this company and will be a part of the report we issue to the public.

If we can assist you in the future, please contact us.

Thank you.

Complaint ID: 98726883

Complaint Classification:  

Complaint Description - Posted 10/12/2012 11:28:18 AM

Bought COD MW3 and COD Elite and thought I bought a finished product. The game is broken. Elite never works properly and I am missing Clan XP. Yesterday while playing the Flesh Wound Accolade challenge, we had an indicated check mark that showed my clan enrolled in the challenge. I woke up this morning and noticed clan was un-enlisted in this specific challenge. Then I also noticed that I am missing 750xp for the 10000 kill challenge named Rampage. Call of Duty Elite seems to never work properly. Also error-ing out. I bought this product thinking it was a finished product. This product is still in development and they have the steel lead to sell this to consumers. Shame on you Activision. Call of Duty MW3 is filled with dash boarders, I am constantly dumped into games that are on a losing end. The game is very laggy. Teams are very unfair when playing by myself. I take a loss when the other team dash boards. The game play is broken compared to other games in the past. I have had it up to here with their customer no service. Furthermore, the game is always released early to individuals who bought the game before release date. Activision does not reset leader boards to create an even playing field even when 402 has stated they will in the past. This is unfair and I would like an early copy of the game if others can get it before street release.

Complaint Summary

Bought COD MW3 and COD Elite and thought I bought a finished product. The game is broken. Elite never works properly and I am missing Clan XP.

Resolution Sought

I would like a refund for both COD elite and COD MW3. If this is not an ideal situation, I would like a free membership to Black Ops 2 Elite 2.0 and the COD Black Ops two game. If either of these choices are not just, then please award my clan the missing xp from clan challenge from Rampage that ended 10/10/12 or 10/11/2012 depending on time zone for 750xp and 300xp for flesh wound accolade challenge. Both challenges disappeared at some point over night on 10/10/12-10/11/12.

Additional Information

Date Problem First Occurred:

Product or Service:   Sells unfinished video games and subscription services.
Model Name or Number:   Call of Duty MW3 and Call of Duty Elite
Date Purchased:
Order Number:
Amount In Dispute:   $113.35

Company's Response

Company's Initial Response - Posted 10/26/2012
We tried calling him regarding the issues he has experienced but we were unable to reach him. We would like to be able work with him on the issues that he has experienced and provide some resolution to his experience. We have updated his case number 02135731 requesting that he update the case with the best time to contact him at the phone number that he has provided in this complaint.
Initial Response Summary
We will be working with client to work on a resolution to the issues that he has experienced.
Consumer's Rebuttal

Consumer's Rebuttal - Posted 10/30/2012
I updated my information with Activision. I am still waiting to hear back from them. They left no message or response as to when they contact me. They left me no phone numbers to call back. I gave them my phone number and the best times to reach me. If I do not pick up my phone, it is due to me being in a business meeting that involves ways working with our stores and vendors to provide better service to our customer's(Activision clearly has no regard for customer service as the moving parts in their products are to complicated to get right).
Company's Final Response

Company's Final Response - None Posted

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You tried to take legal action because the game didn't play the way you wanted it too? Sorry but that was never going to work. There was a little agreement you signed by buying the game that prevents any action from being taken.

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Hey moron,  Activision contacted me to come to a resolution.  Yet again, another person who hears something from a 14 year old and then runs with it.  Also, it had nothing to do with the game.  It had everything to do with the 1 year membership of elite that i bought not working properly and shut down end of October.  THat is not a 1 year membership.  That is a 50 week memebership and more like 46 if you count the days and hours and minutes of not working properly.

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