Mt. Dew/Doritos Combat Card Exchange [Master Trade List]

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Thank you Randy and James! completed 2 of the 3 sets and only need one more for all my sets then ill jsut be helping out everyone else to finish theres so keep checking in on my list if you need stuff because after i get the last MW3 card i need then all my extras are going to be given away

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need: doritos perks, mw3 perks. have: mw3 strike packages x3

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Looking to trade any 2 cards in my list for Doritos Maps

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Yes, a nice job on the table. Seems that it doesn't update what people have and want though. Here's my updated (Again) list after getting some doubles.

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Thanks!  I have to update the Has/Wants manually (which I'll try to do AT LEAST once a week).

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Do you have any Doritos or MW3 cards amox? I have an extra MTN DEW PERK but I have all the MTN DEW cards already n thats all you have listed on your trade list.

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