Most favorite map?

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Most favorite map?

Hi, my name is Natero14.  Sorry for the last one I messed up big time lol.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare       Call of Duty: World at War

1. Crossfire                                                                                    1. N/A

2. Creek                                                                                        2. N/A

3. Overgrown                                                                                  3. N/A

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2       Call of Duty: Black ops

1. Wasteland                                                                                1. Jungle

2. Afghan                                                                                     2. Nuketown

3. Terminal                                                                                    3. Summit

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3       Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

1. Off Shore                                                                                   1. Hijacked

2. Dome                                                                                        2. Drone

3. Hardhat                                                                                     3. Yemen

                         Call of Duty: Most Favorite

                                             1. Off Shore

                                             2. Crossfire

                                             3. Wasteland

These are my favorite maps now what are yours?

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Re: Most favorite map?

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Hardhat, terminal, and dome.  Says a lot about the maps that one of my faves is from an older game.

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Re: Most favorite map?

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1. Shipment

2. Vacant

3. District

4. Showdown

5. Ambush

CoD5: W@W

1. Dome

2. Hangar

3. Cliffside

4. Castle

5. Upheaval


1. Terminal

2. Favela

3. Highrise

4. Rust

5. Quarry

Black Ops

1. Nuketown

2. Firing Range

3. Array

... None after that really ...


1. Village

2. Terminal

3. Mission

4. Dome

5. Seatown

...And as for BO2, I have never played it.

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Re: Most favorite map?

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Nice choices.  As I can see for CoD4:MW: No fav yet. CoD:WaWSmiley Very Happyome CoD:MW2: Terminal

CoD:BO: Nuketown CoD:MW3Smiley Very Happyome.  Black Ops II is fun but I like MW, MW2 and MW3 better.  I've never been a big BO fan. Do you have the Map packs for MW3?  If not really get number 4 because Off Shore is the best map ever.

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