Matchmaking patch and what it does

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For you maybe not for me....and I have an A+ connection.... the game plays like sh!t 90% of the time

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KillGoblin wrote:

For you maybe not for me....and I have an A+ connection.... the game plays like sh!t 90% of the time

I also have a A+ connection.........the game finally(after 14 updates) plays perfect 90% of the time.

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lagging for one or 2 deaths its fine. but now that ur the host lag switchers are getting annoying--_--

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Exactly.  If I die because of lag 2-3 times in a game...that's fine.  Doesn't bother me at all.  But its the continous deaths over and over and over again that really start to get under my skin and for the last 3 days that's all that seems to be happening to me. 

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Lag is the same 1-sec behind with 50% hit detection.

I just used my  prestige token for double xp and guess what? - I got all.

Is that what the patch 1.14 fixed?

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it has become worse for me.  since this new inferior ward patch, if it can be called that has dramatically made the lag worse. every game im in has been worse than before.  

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same here, it seems like I'm two seconds behind. I even tried using a pp90m1 with assassin and people that run Assault rifles beat me in gun fights 4 meters away. I'm like what?

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whatever this patch was made to do it didn't work. For me the game plays worse. Lag is worse, hit detection is worse, bullets do less damage, trophy system doesn't work at all and now theater mode doesn't work. Thanks you bunch of piss poor game makers.

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I said it n previous posts, my Internet is fine. I get no lag and kick ass. I play against French, American, Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepalese Indians, iraqistanis you name it. No lag and constant ass kicking fun.  Did Semtex someone before like my man above and it didn't kill the fcuker which pissed me off because I need the sticky for challenges!

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lucky you.....God must really love you to bless you with such a great gaming connection

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