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Snipingdbag wrote:

All these patches were mainly placebo, hell the game played better on launch day as it had a regional lock for the first week. Matchmaking seems pretty random, I find it hard to find a lobby full with 4 bar players, unlike in mw2 while it was in its prime. These devs have no clue. You're only as good as your hit register & the amount you get compensated..

Nail on the head..

I've said this all along to clan mates.. release week was the best this game has ever played, every patch has made things worse.

Bring back the region lock.. i dont give a flying FK about people in low populated areas not being able to find games.. The UK players should be able to find UK lobbies.

I'm pretty sure clan SKVD are the only UK clan in existance and we are the only UK players that exist... well... all i have to go on is matchmaking and thats what it shows me time and time again.

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Agreed on the region lock, the last few crappy lag filled lobbies i got thrown into were full of people from who knows where, and the middle east...

Patch after patch and the game gets no better, also had about a dozen server time outs and connection to host lost and the most annoying thing is the connection lost games were good, not too much lag in them...

Its enough to drive a man to

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