MW4 Feature: 4-Player Co-Op Campaign Mode

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To be honest, I think that the next game should have a 4 player Co-Op campaign to it! That would rock!!!

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i dont know why this hasnt been a feature by now as halo has it and was very popular.maybe mw4 will but idk if they would since they prefer to make seperate co op modes like spec ops and zombies.i dont care for campain myself but it would be nice for those who do like it.i think a 12 player online co op would be soo much better because i would actually have a half decent backup instead of having to go one man army on the enemy.i think the A I has always been bad in cod so i play campain once and leave it at that.since mw4 will most likley be a next gen release it could handle a big online co op campaign and would become very popular.i for one would probaly play the campain countless times and im sure im not alone on this.maybe one day they will make a cod with a great multiplayer on one disk and a campaign on the other instead of filling one disc with a half arsed attempt at multiple games.i can dream cant i lmfao

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