MW3 maps dont show! Help??

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Hey guys, Im a new member on MW3 and I have a problem. I play online like most of you and I get tired playing the maps that come with the game. For example I tried to look for a sniper dedicated server on Steam by doing this: Steam -> View -> Servers. So far so good, when I do this lots of games that I play like C.S or D.O.D appear with lots of different maps, however, in the case of MW3 the only maps that show are the maps that come with the game... Not one map outside that. I dont know what to do....

Can eny of you guys help? hope so

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If this is what you mean go to options in the game click on dedicated servers then enable go back to the main screen then click servers.

I think these are only unranked ones though.

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So, I followed your advice, I enabled the server and the remote console. I then some new maps appeared, now there's a new problem (lucky me). When I try to acess the server it says one of two things: "Server is a differente version 1.9" or something like "you dont have this map, you need to download it", I cant catch a break, eny words of wisdom?

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Hey 2shae,

Sorry to hear you are having issues. On most games dedicated servers are 100% controlled by whoever rents the server to use. They upload whatever version of the game they want to run, add the maps/settings for the server, and change whatever else there is to however they want it. So you will run into a lot of servers that are running completely different game version and maps that public servers do. Now normally they allow you to download everything upon entering the server. Others they have the downloads on another server to prevent people playing to slow down to downloads.

So first Id recommend enabling upnp if you don't already and enable all ports needed for the game to allow it to download things properly. Also make sure you have any settings in steam that effects downloading things from games.

That should fix it for you. If not you can always locate the servers webpages, and they should have all the files you need to download to play.

Hope this helps.


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