MW3 Forum Appearance Opinions? Whuddup Everybody ;)

Modern Warfare 3 Forum

Not bad, I'm sure there's more work to be done to it.

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They look.... Old, like really old school. And they need to sort the URL problems out that was pointed out by Vsim guy.

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a lot of problems atm but thanks for the forums

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Needs alot of work. They should've made them like the Black Ops boards.

Also, how come out names are lower case now and how come our posts on the W@W/Blops boards don't count?

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This has to do with HTML... or something like that.

v Sim CO
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Didn't I spam this place a few months back, surely they should of made new ones, typical

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I am not loving the new style.  I prefer a cleaner, less cluttered look.  This format gives me

claustrophobia for some reason. 

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There are a lot of issues to sort out but the look is good. What I do want is the option to be able to view the thread from the begining instead of the end each time.

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