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Looking for a clan (ps3)

I would like to join a clan that plays MW3, black ops, and black ops 2 later on but on the PS3. My k/d is 1.293 and I am prestige 3; I am an objective based player who also works with a team. I am getitng back into gaming because of black ops 2. My PSN is oG-StEEzzy-619, please help me find a clan.

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Re: Looking for a clan (ps3)

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I'm part of an active clan called renegade elite. We are currently a MW3 clan, however we will all be getting bo2 in next 24 hours so your more than welcome to join us. (sorry we don't support bo1, but we do have mmebers who own it)

If your interested contact me on PSN: B-I-G-DEVIL or you can go straight to our site and register. http://renegadeeliteclan.org

Here is a video of us plying MW3.

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