Looking for a clan on Ps3

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I am xFatalStrikezz and I'm looking for an active clan with skilled players. I play both mw3 and bo2 and would like a clan active in both

I mostly snipe and make my own montages(although editing is not my best skill)

I am 17 years old and live in Holland

I posess a mic, but I mostly communicate via skype

The reason why I search a clan is because playing with a team is much more fun and to achieve something as a team.

I would prefer a clan with a normal, suitable clan name+tag, not something like The Rapers etc.

For questions just reply or send me a private message, my PSN is xFatalStrikezz

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hey bro we have a spot in our clan for you. We are bluR clan. Add me bluR-ViiZioNN of you are still interested

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