Looking for a clan at least high level

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MY psn is michael101099

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Hey there, we're Arctic Warfare Division. We set up as a group of friends when black ops 1 came out and we recently set up a clan for PS3 on COD Elite. Our clan is level 7 and rising! We are currently recruiting especially with clan ops coming up, so if you're interested sign up. Most of us are highly skilled players so you know you can depend on your teammates to win.


There are no K/D or Win/Loss requirements! We like to push ourselves to play our best and play the objective to win but above all, we're here to have fun. We accept both competitive and casual gamers alike. Look up AWDivision on COD Elite (https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/5042081) or leave your PSN ID here and we'll send you an invite. We look forward to seeing you there, have a good day!


P.S. my PSN ID is: MJPalad, do feel free to contact me!

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