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Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R

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Hey Teperacuda, I am a recruiter for ESF (Elite Special Forces). Here at ESF were are looking to build a strong, stable, competitive atmosphere. Currently we have small numbers and of course some bad players (realistically every clan/community does) and some great players.

As far as ESF we only allow members that are 18 or older and enjoy winning. We played 16th out of all clans last Saturday in the Domination Clan Operation and that was without some of our best players (level 20 clan). Addtional to Clan Operations we are beginning to mold our Game Battles teams (One core and one hardcore) as well as we are enrolled in a hardcore competitive season host by Hardcore Gaming Alliance, we are currently 2-1.

If you have any further questions or are interested in joining my Gamertag is ESF Virtue.

If I do not respond swiftly you may contact the following via Xbox Live

1. ESFxSPADED (ESF Leader)

2. ESFxSKIZZEL (Co-Leader)

Thanks for your time,

ESF Virtue

*ESF Administrator*

Also visit,


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Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R

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Rage Reborn, currently a level 18 Elite clan, is recruiting.  We have 30 members and have a website set up for our members: www.RageReborn.net.  Come check us out today, or look us up on Elite.

I am the co-founder of the clan, and we make sure to put clan members first.  We will always have people for you to party up with, and we also have participated in all clans ops since we started out clan.  Best showing so far is 9th in our first ever clan op: most kills TDM.

If you are interested, check out our website, or shoot me a friend request on XBOX Live: IVIikeKicksAss

Also, I will send you a message via XBL as well.

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Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R

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Hey I know your looking for a bigger clan but if you want to have fun and play with a good group of guys DominationKings is a great clan. Leave a message on the elite page and we can get you started no requirements no tryouts we just have fun winning!

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Re: Looking for Xbox 360 Clan, 2+ KD/R

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Hey anyone looking for a clan? join mine. Just made it today, so only has one person in it which is me (6/2/12) Anyone interested message me on XBL: TF Odin1221

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