Kill Confirmed Clan Recruiting!! -xLoAx

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Kill Confirmed Clan Recruiting!! -xLoAx

Our Name is The Legion Of Assassins (xLoAx) We currently have 9 members. We are level 12. Our over all clan k/d is 2.18. We are a competitive team just trying to have fun. We are looking for as many elite premium members as possible to help in clan ops which we do as many as possible. We do allow you to join without elite premium but we prefer Premium members. We only require you to be active for clan battles when needed, clan ops when needed, and to have a k/d of 1.40 or above. If you are interested you can contact me on my Email, PSN, or Xbox. Email: PSN: xLoAxRaMoSxx Xbox: xLoAx RaMoSxxx It will be greatly appreciated if you join, Thank you for your time.  Sinceraly, LoA

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