Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

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Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

So today's the day when we get Black Ops 2 and many will move over to the new game, but with that a great many of us will also move over to the Black Ops 2 section of this forum too.  Is this your last day on here?

I have to say this forum has been incredibly entertaining over the last year, it's been funny as hell to read all your comments, the spammers on here have been annoying, the quickscoping montages have been boring and the game has been frustrating but all that has led to some classic arguments.  And who could forget the ban appeals by the scumbags who have been banned, they've been an entertainment all of their own.  It's been educational too especially when your as average at this game as I am, there are some extremely clever and knowledgeable guys contributing to this forum.

I will look in from time to time but this is probably it for me, so thanks guys.

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

Yeah it's been fun on these forums. I do enjoy winding up the QSr's and those desperate for clip likes and as for 'BOO HOO I've been banned .... hysterical.

Thing is the forums will probably be filled with more clip jockeys as these kids probaly won't get the game till Xmas and us 'sensible' players will be busy moaning about BOPS2 on the other forums but I shall be back in here from time to time to dispense my cheeky put downs ( ya gotta keep your hand in ).

Seeya on the other side

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

I'm going to be on here for a little while longer I think. I wasn't a fan of Black Ops.. Just didnt really like the way it felt (especially the dolphin dive), so I've decided to hold of on buying it until I can watch some gameplay/ hear some reviews . I have to say though, they have a great marketing team because I have been really tempted to go put in a last minute pre-order lol.

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

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id be right with you on holding off, but it is less like how the old one is and more like modernwarfare.. looking at what they did with the game, i think they took a serious attempt to make a good clean game, i think they addressed the lag situation, how people get killstreaks, addressed how to counter campers with new add ons in the game.. and over all balance everything..

but we will see when it launches. i just hope they have good spawns, which ends spawn killing...

i never liked the dogs kill streak... so im nervous lol.. but i can say im pretty tired of mw3.. ( people who play it)

sooo much spawn killing, not enough good players to counter it.. it just gets old.. and also acr this and mp7 that...

i hear the type 25 will be the new acr

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

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I popped over to the Blops2 forum and there is already people complaining about lag and spawns. I don't think we can take anything from the lag feedback because there isn't enough people online yet to judge it. The spawns, well I also think its to early to say, if there are small maps its pretty much unavoidable.

But yeah I agree, Mw3 is starting to get boring.. Its become too easy for me, don't know if I've been on the good side of the lag lately or what, but last week was like 2 Moabs a night running support and not going for them.

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

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m27 is = to the commando and acr

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

I'll be back in the saddle the day they implement a way to keep the game "children" free, and when there's no way to modify an Xbox console. I'll probably never return in that case, but man i wish the above would be possible....

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

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I will be on here for a while.I will wait for BO2 to drop in price.

I still love this game even with it's flaws,but I'm sick of the kids online to.

People are treating BO2 like the second will have it's faults and It's annoying crass kids.

On another note I am sick of people quick scoping.I bought Sniper Elite V2 the other day a true sniper 14 year old Nephew asked " can you no scope.. "

OH F**k OF!

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

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I bought black ops and hated it. went back to MW2 the same week. Played MW2 until MW3 came out. I dont even plan on buying BO2.

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Re: Is this your last day on the MW3 forum?

Most likely. usually 99% of the community will move on to the new game and the new forum. I dont plan on playing MW3 that much anymore.Well unless Blops 2 sucks like the original anyway.

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