Infected idea for Join-In Progress.

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When you join an infected game during mid session, you should automatically be Infected.

Agree?  Disagree?


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I don't mind it either way, but I can see why it gets annoying when people join in progress only to be "survivors".

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agree but i think the glitch were u change you clan tag works so they need to fix that

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i disagree why should i be put on the infected team straight away just because ive been put into a game that already started a stil think win and losses shouldnt count unlees you have been in the game from the start

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disagree, this topic has been brought up before. It would be unfair for the player being thrown in to a already active game to be made infected from the get go. It is not their fault for joining a game in mid session so they should not be punished because of someone else leaving.

What they need to do is ban a person from rejoining a match if they leave that match for any reason. This would stop those that leave and then rejoin the match to be on the survivors side again. Same as how WaW and BO would ban a player from rejoining if you were kicked from team killing. You had to wait until the match was over to rejoin the lobby if there was open spaces.

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