In desperate need of clan to join or fellow gamers!!!

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"Recently was approached by a clan known as nova.. ran by a bunch of little kid recuriters... i proceeded to tryout for this clan an ended up owning being better then this kid until he asked me to join him and one of his other members where i was playing him and his friend to see who ended up on top in free for all mode.. of course him and his friend ganged up and attempted to own me so here i stand again searching for fellow gamers to game with and a clan to join my stats right now are..  K/D ration= 1.06 , Spm=228, Win % at 50%, with a total of 1030 kills with only 8hrs of game play on call of duty black ops 2, im averaging 15+ kills a game and only continue to get better day by day, i work alot but never work very late get off and game almost all night till about 12am (pst) im not looking for some cocky lil kids who think they run things when truth is your never really as good as the next you can always progress and become better so if im to join a clan everyone must be chill and work together as a team not just run out a guns a blazin, i cant stand that, i am pretty good at sniping as well as being aware of my surroundings, my highest kill streak was 31 kills in kill confirmed. So please if you are interested please add my gamer tag on xboxlive or send me a message i will do "TRYOUTS" but be upfront if your just gunna turn me down have enough balls to say it to my face!! Thank you all!!"

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