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Iconik Gaming Wants YOU!

Iconik gaming is a gaming clan with over 4500 members and multiple elite  clans (one level 50, and the rest 35+ in MW3 and gonna better that in  BO2,) there are no K/D restrictions, you don't need elite, and as well  as the elite challenges, we have our own leagues and competitions (e.g.  gun game competitions, quickscoping competitions and many more,) we also  play other games as well such as BF3 and Minecraft and Halo 4, and with  over 4500 members and a fast online chat system, we don't just come  together during the clan ops, you'll find there's a person to play  matches with almost all the time, from competitive gamers to casual  gamers as well as girls to play with, there's a spot for everyone. If  you're interested all you have to do is go to our Website @  Iconik-Gaming.com, sign up, and so I can find you you must PUT WeirdBuddhaFrog  AS YOUR REFERRER, you can also reply what your username will be on the  website in this discussion. You don't need an invite, just sign up. I  look forward to gaming with you.

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