IW - Please Recalculate Scores and Rankings

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IW - Please Recalculate Scores and Rankings

IW, will you please recalculate MW3 scores and rankings? Especially for Search and Destroy since this affects the Search and Destroy gameplay. For the first round, the person with the highest rank starts closest to the bomb, and can usually pick it up first if they want to. After that it depends on your in-game score as to where you start. So now people with hacked scores (through no fault of their own) get to determine the opening gameplay. All the statistics for recalculating the score and therfore the ranking are in the database (numbers of plants, defends, defuses, kills, assists, etc), so why not just do it once every day or week or so? Not a big deal is it?

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Re: IW - Please Recalculate Scores and Rankings

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the leaderboards have been hacked for months and months, they are not gonna fix it, and it is the fault of a number of players who choose to stay in these lobbies and 'pad' their stats

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