IW, Let us play the face-off maps in regular TDM!

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I thought they were allowing these game modes in TDM and KC.

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No, in the video he meant that the 2v2s are TDM or KC. I was confused by that statement too.

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these maps should be in TDM for sure. I dont understand why they make so many big maps. more people love playing small maps more then large maps. when does dome ever get outvoted? nuketown and firing range were 2 most played maps in BO. throughout COD history the smaller maps were always the most played. So WTF are we only getting BIG maps now? I dont want to play battlefield. I want COD, small tight maps with constant action. This is what COD has always been and IMO one of the biggest problems with MW3, its just not exciting always playing big boring maps.

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