IS the Lag ever going to be fixed?????

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You forgot to mention the terrible spawning, the terrible game sound (it's extremely low, you can't hear anything unless your standing right next to a gun going off), and the bad hit detection.

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all cod games suffer from lag this one is the is not to bad really  blops was the pits, lol if you are the host you are going to have a bad game same as all the other cod games  i got 50 meg virgin bb and still get a bad connection sometimes, the spawning needs a fix as does the hit detection if they fix these problems and a few other little things it will be a great game

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Nope .. Sorry ..

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They cannot make everyone in every region have the same internet speed, stop running wireless, stop dad from watching Porn wile little Timmy has to share the same connection with Judy while she talks to some pervert she doesnt even know, at the same time he wants to play the game.

There is no lag free cure. I suppose alot of people are thinking. "I did awesome on Black Ops, the lag is just killing me, and making look bad". EEEHHHH> MW has the better matckmaking system, I do not host everytime, and I have a 35-47 usually, 50d 5up, 0-1 jitter, 0packets lost. Just because you wind up with 4 bars doesnt mean you are host. Hell I can never usually tell who is based on the type of low ping lobbies I am in.

Do I recognize laggy games? Hell yes, usually from Split Screeners, or people inviting people they met via LAG OPS. I think I deleted all the people from that game 2 weeks before this game came out because I knew that more than likely they live somewhere know where in a decent radius of a server. Most of the people I play with are from MW2, which has basically the same Matchmaking sustem in play.

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Exactly. I deleted my entire friends list and started over by re-adding people I knew had a nat type 2 or better. I had too many people on my list that were playing through wireless routers and always caused problems.

Another thing that may help some is, when you hear the other team speaking Spanglish or some other language, back out because they will usually have the better connection for some reason. Peer to peer sucks for gaming anyway. IMO

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its call of duty lags with it, you get some good games and some bad ones they will never fix the lag

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good 1's and bad 1's ?

try hosting and having a good game...

try hosting a party and having a good game...

if your connection is above the uk average you will 9/10 have bad games because you will have the Death Sentance of being HOST

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i always quit if i'm host now, and i always enter a new game when i finish the last one hosting only works if you camp and even then it sucks lol

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After Patch 1.05, i havent lagged at all.. and i have a great connection.. look

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I'm sorry, but that's pathetic. Crapcast  is slow. There's nothing good about that speed. Did you see your Ping? This is why I start going crazy when I play. Cause I know that when I get into a lobby. There's not going to be if any people in that lobby on my level when it comes to internet speed. But I also realize I'm about to get ripped off on kills and killstreaks, Because the game is going to favor those who the Lag compensation software was made for. Should be the other way around. Should be making those with suckish internet be made to lag and drag all across the maps, Suffering for lack of speed. Then will see how much bragging these people would be doing if the shoe was on the other foot. You know what I mean?

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