IS the Lag ever going to be fixed?????

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I've just expirienced worst case of lag ever!

I went upstairs to a room, looked through a window , then went  to watch the stairs from above. Can't see anyone. Then the rain of bullets and I'm dead.

How, from where? I'm asking mysel.

The stairs where only way up???

I'm watching his kill cam , and he shoots me when I was still looking through a window,5 SECONDS in the PAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, my connection was solid 4 green bars

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Jackal235, thats what 90 percent of my deaths are like. Cover is also completely useless in this game. If i see a few people in front of my I don't even bother going for cover because I know they will have 5 seconds to shoot the air where I used to be and still get the kill.

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I don't even know what happened earlier, I had to empty an ENTIRE clip into someone's back about 4 feet away with an ACR before they died. It's like the bullets just weren't connecting at all. Game was skipping all over, rubber band effect, etc.

The last two days weren't so bad, but tonight it was back to unplayable again. I'm an average player, I know I'm not great. However, I know when deaths are unjust and due to technical problems. Unfortunately that's what most of this game has been for me since launch. I'm keeping the faith though, hopefully at some point they'll patch it enough where the game isn't playing AGAINST you.

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let me explain something to you... have you ever thought that only a few people actually get these lag issues? you are one of only a few, the rest of us, even in the same game as you don't have issues. do you know what this suggests?


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Considering he did mention before that he does have a decent internet connection, I don't think his connection sucks.

What's odd is that the game plays much better when you aren't host. (And by that, isn't the host the player with the better connection?)

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Have you ever thought that maybe your internet connection is bad and lag compensation is affecting you the you an second over people with good internet?

Apparently not.

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The people with shit connections are the ones having good games right now. Get your facts straight before you go and insult people dipsh it.

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Simply not true, 1.2down / 0.350up (not very fast) i'm suffering the same as everyone.

Although your down & up speeds are irrelevant because lag compensation is associated with Network Latency (PING) i believe

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Let me tell you something reaper.  Just because you think you know everything doesn't mean that you do.  I'm assuming that you don't spend a lot of time on this game.  Not going to bash on your for that, not everbody has the same amount of free time.  I am, however, going to bash on your for thinking that just because you don't see much lag in the 3 games you play a day that there isn't any.  I am going to assume that you are one of those people with crappy internet and you don't want anything to change because then your garbage connection wouldn't reward you any longer.

I however do have the time to spend more time on these games.  I have max prestiged every game and have spent at least 20 days on each of them.  This game has the potential to be an awesome one.  After Cod4, this is my favorite.  The lag on it makes it almost unbearable at times though.  I spend way too much money a month on internet to play these games and I shouldn't have to have my games lag infested because other idiots choose to try and play games on the lowest package their I.S.P. offers.

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Trust me, I have the best Internet on the market. That's not the problem. If you think that is the problem, Then tell me, How long does it take you to do a system update?

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