IS the Lag ever going to be fixed?????

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The Lag in this game is unbelievable and very frustrating. It seems worse than when all the hacking started in MW2. Seems to play smoother still. They need to patch this soon for us who have faster internet instead of being made to suffer. I'm getting ripped off in kills and killstreaks. So until this is fixed, As far as I'm concern the ranks aren't accurate. The rooms should be made for compatable internet speeds, Not for everyone. Some people don't even belong in some of the lobbies. FIX the Lag Compensation software!!!

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My game hasn't lagged at all over the past two days.

Though it could be from the fact that I've been studying and my PS3's been off the entire time.

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Nerd. You Fail at CoD! Seriously, good move. More important.

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Not sure if this is directed to me, but if so. Then you don't get the whole idea of the experience that were all supposed to be having with multiplayer. It's supposed to be fun for everyone, Not just some people. I am more than willing to show people the pain and suffering I'm going through with this game via youtube. Maybe I need to post some footage for those of you who don't get what I'm talking about. Let alone experiencing.

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The lag is pretty awful, especially when I'm the host, then it's just downright unplayable.

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no iw are working on laggy dlc which will be on the store for a bargain of $100 for 2 remade mw2 maps.

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Not until the install Dedicated Servers

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This week well so they say

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mw3's lag is as bad as black ops.

i actually got into a match where every single enemy player had lag compensation advantage.

i gotfucking murdered. they were pre-firing around corners with auto aim accuracy, they'd kill me before i even have a chance to aim down the sights. what a load of horseshit.

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BigggFuzzyG: Seems I had gotten my answer after watching this: http://

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