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my names simon,

been a cod fan since cod 4, never played WaW, bought my ps3 specialy for mw2, kept it for blops, though i nearly sold it many times because of blops lol,

eagerly waiting for mw3, dont care realy if its entirely new or if its just 2.5, loved mw2 so much i preordered mw3 hardened edition without hesitation,

i fix computers (nothing major) and games consoles for a living, and just about anything else fixable.

thinking of offering activision and infinity ward an extra tenner each if they do the world wide release a couple of weeks early lol, psn = off-duty-batman

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My name is Josh, friends call me Jewbear. I am addicted to Call of Duty and Mass Effect, and I have no life so i have over a thousand posts on here.

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KuroNico here. I'm the player you never wanna take serious, cause it'll hurt even more when you lose to my team. ^_^

I'm an English-Communications major; also been studying German for three years, Japanese for a semester.

I'm anime nerd and  I enjoy  rock climing when I'm actually outside. o.o

See you in game, assuming you have a 360. ^_^

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Been a fan of the COD franchise from the start. I am currently inn college, going for a bachelors degree in Business, and I work Part time at a strip club (yes I love my job) serving drinks as a bartender. I live in the Detroit area.....Go Wings

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Hey I'm Mama Luigi, and yes guys... I'm a man. Well, where to start. I'm a very big hockey fan, or die-hard hockey fan as some of you kids call it now adays, I'm also the leader of Rip Some Noobs clan for the PS3.

I'm in a hard rock band, I'm the lead singer, I also love playing video games on my spare time. First Person Shooters keep my blood pressure high and my stress pumping which makes me feel powerful, haha. I also love The Edler Scrolls and I'm super excited for Skyrim to come out. I started playing Call of Duty when World at War was the bomb, and I played it on the Wii. Later than I decided to buy a PS3 MW2 and I'm really happy I did because I have some great friends.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. Questions?

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bump. Come on people, there are definitely more than 6 pages worth of users on this forum!

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But I'm scared...

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Hey, my name is Dave. I am a senior in High School and I enjoy gaming. I play ball at the local gym every Saturday where I also volunteer. I love the NBA and soccer in general. I enjoy subjects such as english, science and sociology and I hate every bit of math. If you wanna game on the 360 add me up. Gt is --->   iPersian Swag

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Hello, my name is klstixbro, I like my little pony friendship is magic, and because of that I like EVERYTHING.

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My name is Sachin. I have been playing video games since 90's. But never got the chance to play MP before 2010.

I played all the COD series game and most of the major FPS in last decade. I started MP on COD with Blops on PS3 and then went back to play MW2 and COD4 as well. I liked MW2 most. tried few other MP like homefront, BFBC2, BF3, Socom 4..........But couldn't carry with them. I am an avid COD fan Since COD1 launch.

By profession, I am a senior geoscientist and working in energy section. I like listening music and reading science fiction.

Married and have a daughter.

Happy Playing.

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