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hello everyone.

my name is josh.  i'm 21 and studying music.  i play classical guitar, drums, piano, and sing.  i've been enjoying cod now since black ops (i know, i'm a young one).  I'm trying to improve my quickscoping so if anyone would be interested in doing a private lobby please let me know!

gamertag: boomVsnapVclap

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Hello I am a competitive gamer. You can message me on Xbox for a 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 scrimage. My GT is AAG Gangsta Jr. My GB is Prozey you can message me on GB for a real match. I also have a youtube channel. Please check it out and subscribe.

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Hey guys,

My name is Nisha (and yes, I'm a girl). I'm fairly new to COD, i just got my xbox the January of 2011. I'm pretty big on gaming (SSBB, Zelda, Pokemon, COD, Kingdom Hearts, etc..), and I also love art and music. I am 17 and I'm currently going to college for graphic design and advertising.

Message me if you want to play :]

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Hey guys I'm Kelly, and yes of course I'm a girl.

My gamertag on xbox is TicaTalavera, I've been a gamer

since the first xbox came out which is the black thick one.

I've started my way up in gaming with halo 1 and just continued

the halo experience with halo 2, halo 3 and ect. My first war-like game

was world at war, and continueing that was cod4 and mw2, and black ops,

and so on. I just recently got mw3 ! and I'm going to be honest, it's a great

game but there's just so many try-hards. And i'm kinda not enjoying that.

But beside the point, I'm a friendly gamer-girl or which ever you guys like to

prefer me as. I don't really consider myself a really pro gamer. But i'm somewhere

near the lines of being good. I'm 14, I live in Canada B.C. I love making new friends

so hit me up with a friend request <3

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Hi guys, My name is Darshan aka Darshzo (on youtube)

I love to play COD, I even post gameplay and commentate over them on youtube. If you want, I would appreciate it if you could check out my channel and give me some feedback:

This is a video of me introducing myself on Youtube

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and hopefully taking a look at my Youtube Channel.

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CylonNumber6 here. Currently studying film and I'll be graduating in May 2013.

Music, poetry, rock climbing, and swimming are some of the things I do outside of COD.


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hi am george fernandes from usa

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hello, i"m larry from Chicago and no i'm NOT a girl. game tag is my wife's name. being an "old dude" COD is the best way for ,hand eye coordination and focus. try always to be "team" player for the win.only been playing for about 4 months so "low "K" player.

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Hello, Im Adam from Birmingham (England), gamertag is sdredger and have been playing cod since MW2.

dont get online as often as id like as im a member of the Royal Navy, which as you would imagine, keeps me pretty busy.

I like to Rush, and always play the objective.

mainly play DEMO on PS3

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Hey my gamertag is Serberuss (used to be Cerberus2589) and I'm from the UK. Been playing CoD since MW2 and I think I have picked it up pretty quickly. I used to be a PC player (played CS for about 4 years) but now I mostly play on Xbox.

I've just started a YouTube channel for fun nothing serious at the moment which you can find at

I'm hoping to get in contact with other gamers and small YT gamers etc so feel free to get in touch

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