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  Hello EVERYBODY! First off, I am a female gamer, and I love COD! One of the best games ever created imo. I have only been playing the multiplayer for about 1 month now though, but I already am totally HOOKED to it! It's great!

If anybody wants to chat or whatever, just add me or send me a msg! I'm a very cool chick!

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Name is Nicolas 

Ps3 only.  

Mac user

Very frequent poster.      

Live in the void above USA.

good day.

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Tom, Manchester, UK

Ps3 & Xbox

Bought a new xbox so i made a new account aswell,

I'm not new here. A biscuit if you can guess my old user name?

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Name is Jason, almost 37 yrs young, Married for 13 yrs, 3 kids, I run CNC Machinery for a living. Play guitar and drums and love to hang out with my family. Play soccer on the weekends. Oh...and of course I like to play COD in my down time.

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Hai! Meh name is James Rock. I'm well know in the OT as MajorRod, MajorRodriguez, The Major, Major, or sh*t face. I am the Co-founder and Senior Community Manager of a Game review website called Gamerating (we review mainly CoD, Halo, console games, and mobile applications).

I write reviews for quite a few gaming site, and I am planning to get my BA in Game Development and my Masters Degree in Game Design at Full Sail University, hopefully to land a job at one of the following places: DICE, 343 Industries, Treyarch, Epic, or Xbox HQ (Microsoft). Currently I am in the US Navy.

I've been part of the Call of Duty community since I believe -- the begining. Charlie Oscar Delta, around 4 years. I'm known mostly from my time in World at War and Black Ops era in the Off Topic, where in these 4 years, I have accumilated almost 16,000 posts.

I'm very dedicated to the community, and I love being able to socialize with other CoD players. Stop by and say hai on my Twitter - @MajorRod or send me an email if you need to contact me at


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Hi guys, I'm MrKingsSmart, or iMKS for short. I'm basically a Call of Duty gamer and I love to make videos on Call of Duty. I've been playing CoD eversince World at War came out. Overall, I love this community's look and it feels like I'll be enjoying my stay here.

I have a Youtube channel, but without promoting it, it's MrKingsSmart. Check me out if you want to. I provide general tips and helpful guides to becoming a Pro in Modern Warfare 3.

That's all and I'll see you guys around

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Hi, I'm bubbacake, but I liked to be called bubba, that's what my brother calls me. I play PS3, my username is thxnet57, and my favorite video game is Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga for GBA.


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It is I that is Him that has become Thus.

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I'm Christina. I'm nineteen (turning twenty next month), and I love cats, video games, music, and singing. I'm quite fond of astronomy and working with animals. I also very much love philosophy.

I rarely use any other gun except the sniper rifle (quite frankly, I just can't figure out how to use anything else). I'm trying to get my accuracy back to 55%, like it used to be in MW2.

Not sure what I'm going to do with my life yet. I would like to do something with video games, preferrably sound development since I went to school for audio engineering.

I currently work at Six Flags Great Adventure and operate the tallest (and used to be fastest) rollercoaster in the world.

My gamertag is Carpusophobia.

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