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Hi my name is Michael (v Sim CO)

I'm one of the moderators on this forum...

I'm doing a degree in Financial Economics

I enjoy biking, reading, board games, animated movies, Sudoku (very hard only), and playing videogames (you can see they take a back seat lol), and surfing the web.

I also enjoy listening music


v Sim CO
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... been around the COD block more than a few times.

Work for a small sports company located near Beaverton, OR. Married for 19 years, two boys (both gamers)...

Go #MUFC, #Blazers, #49ers!

I write screenplays, too.

That's it for now.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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Hi fellas.

My name is Alex, although my gamertag is DarkShadow0007 on the 360. I've been a pretty active guy in Call of Duty games for a while, and have been pretty involved on CoD HQ as well.

I love playing tennis every week, some gaming on the side, and listen to classical music any time I hope into the car. And I cook! It's not womanly at all; my friends are always jealous. I'm also pretty good at math; if you have a question- ask away. It can be Algebra, Calc, Stats...

I also disagree with the notion that grass is overpowered. It requires earth, water, and sun light- way too dependent.

Edit: This will be my official signature post. Bold red, with the name.



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Flakfire, from back in the charlieoscardelta days.

I have strayed away from the BO forums due to the excessive amount or less-than-quality posts over there. Hope to see this place start right.

Also a 4rumboy.


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Hey guys. I post mainly on the BO forums. Just popping in to say hey.


Xbox LIVE: CrysisZ0N3

Hope to see you guys 11/8/11.

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Hey, I am M2TheT, but you can call me M2.

I like these forums, and you can expect me to post here with random stuff often. Off Topic needs to be fun, doesn't it?

I say we should be creative and get these forums on the right track

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I'm fighterjet7008 i came from ze BO forums

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I am Suddendeth13. I come from the BO forums.

Any questions?

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Ahhh looks like there is going to be a good bit of 4rumboys to this site huh? I'd like to still consider myself one although I was never on the 360.

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