I would like to see a buff for the SMAW

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They have a good reason for not giving everyone a stinger real early in the ranks.  If they gave you a launcher such as the stinger as early as you have the SMAW, air support would get taken down even faster than it does now.  You may not like it, but the launcher order is perfectly fine and no buff is ever going to happen to any launcher.

You also can use the Javelin at level 24, and it has no problem dealing with Attack Choppers in one shot.  Other than that, use a prestige token to unlock the Stinger, then you will have access to it from level 4 on (create a class unlock), and your problem will be solved.

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In addition, use the LMG. Outside of Advanced UAV's, it can cut all but the pavelow out the sky in around 1/ 2 a clip(L86)

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Very good idea as well, LMGs are a great option as well.

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SMAW is funny when you try to kill some enemies. Sometimes u shoot SMAW into enemys face and he still kills you

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I really don't use it or rely on it.  I used a prestige token to unlock the stinger and have never looked back.  But I could see your point if that was a weapon you choose to run with. 

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I dont understand that in the menu.. the SMAW and Stringer missiles have same damage but SMAW cant take chopper down...sames goes for RPG

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In-game stats (the colored bars that measure how high/low they are) lie. Fact.

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I carry the SMAW on most of my classes.  It's only one shot but I like the diversity it provides.  And it's not hard to drop it after and pick something else up that's useful.  But I think adding anything to this launcher would just over power it.  Its good the way it is.

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I used the token from my first prestige to unlock the Stinger, so I don't really remember the SMAW very well, other than that when I prestiged, the Stinger was enough of an improvement that it was worth a token.

But I've been having lots of fun taking down the air support now with an LMG. Most of my team mates are still unslinging their Stinger/SMAW by the time I've taken it down with bullets and Blind Eye. I save the Stinger for the UAVs.

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I have stringer unlocked as well.. but that is only set to use on a stealth class..

On other classes I either use , SMAW or RPGs... These are good to shoot enemy at distance or behind corners and campers (also nice to hear enemy raging after getting killed from these.)

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