I think my gun shoots feathers

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Had many a game where I shoot enemies in back or side only for them to turn and kill me easily. Wouldn't mind but I usually hit them between 3 or 5 times. Done a speedtest and scored 20ms ping and 19 download speed, can't remember upload speed. Only on 20mbps with virginmedia at moment but should be ample for online gaming. Apparently getting upgraded for free witihin the next year to 60mbps, so not bad.

Also was on game other day and someone walked past me behind a wall so I shot him in head a few times just for him to turn and kill me, as though I didn't even fire my gun. Also had times where I watch my killcam and looks as though I'm just stood there being shot without me firing my gun at all. Weird game.

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I only think it's strange that one gun is more affected by lag than the other one.

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You're not the only one suffering wec.  This game is a disaster on the networking side. Most of my friends, both online and in real life, don't even play that much anymore. I usually have more friends online at any given time playing Black Ops or BF3 than MW3. It's a shame that it ended up this way. I only have two hopes left and they are, A.) Infinity Ward releases a patch that actually fixes the game, and B) Treyarch has a fully functioning game ready for us in November.

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Good title lol ... I thought air bullets took the cake

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Thanks for comment. Didn't think of title really just wrote what I thought at the time. Was being serious really. Keep having a chuckle now and again over it. Keep getting a picture in my head of feathers flying out the end of my guns, lol.

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On this topic, does anyone else find that the ACR is almost never effected by lag?

Maybe its just me, but if I'm in a lobby where I'm 3-4 bursting guys up close with a Type 95 and I just feel like I'm getting my ass kicked by lag/bad hit detection, I switch to the ACR and everything just seems better.

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Been happening a few times.

I remember I was wrecking people with my Model 1887 on Mission yesterday morning. There was one person on the team though who would tank shots like crazy though, three headshots in a row, and the killcam said he had little to no damage.

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Yeah I think mine shoots feathers too.

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Mine has a little Flag that pops out the end saying "Bang"

The ACR is no better when suffering Lag either. Interestingly enough I 'm also on 20Mb Virgin Media Broadband which I think is the problem. It was better with my 8Mb Sky Wireless connection.

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I don't know about feathers, but I've seen some rapid-fire marshmallows flying around.  I blame the campers.

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