I havnt got my 4 hours of Xp??

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I bought the hardened edition of mw3, and i have entered the reedem codes for the CoD elite and it says i am a premium member and a founder, and i read what comes with it and i have got the camo, titles and emblems but i havn't got the 4 hours of Xp? Anyone else have this problem? My mate aswell who is a founder didnt get his 4hours of Xp but got everything else.. Is there something we Have missed or just because the servers are still not brilliant that it aint given it us yet?

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It's actually only 2 hours of XP and it's possible you just have not gotten yet.  I'm surprised though.  I received my 2XP, 1 title and 1 emblem on Saturday and yesterday I got my other tile & emblem as well as my camo.

You can tell when you have it because it adds a little 2x in top right hand corner of your callsign and it also adds a timer at the bottom of your stats in your Barracks.

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Same here...

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Just give it time bro... trust me it doesnt matter the xp it just matters if ur having fun

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I finally got mine Saturday.  You have to be quick to notice though if you're not paying attention to the amounts you're getting for each kill.  The Yellow "XP" will pop up in the corner of your in game title (like it does with Dew/Doritos XP).  Then go to the Barracks to look and see how long you have left.

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Cheers guys Smiley Happy

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