Hi i know that this is a little off topic but i am posting it here anyway in order to get more responses!

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I want people's opinions on whether or not they think that black ops 2 is just as good or better than MW3 and if so what makes it better?

The 2 editions I have been thinking about purchasing are the Hardened Edition or Standard Edition on the ps3 all opinions are welcome positive or negative just explain why you support either! Hope to get a lot of responses! 

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MW3 is WAAAAAY better. TA dropped the ball with BO2, so many issues.


-Spawn points

-Gun balance

-Map design


-Ghost is only unlocked at level 55, so expect to get your ass handed to you when you start playing, because all you will hear is "enemy UAV up" "enemy UAV up" "enemy UAV up" then getting shot by someone either camping the way you coming from or someone going back to you to kill you.

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Gee thanks for the opinion hope more people write there opinions here too!

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Shiister could not have been more correct. I'd just like to add that the hit detection on Black Ops 2 is absolutely terrible. Watching a killcam after you die in this game will make you rage. I stuck MW3 back in last night after getting owned all afternoon on BO2. First game on MW3 I went 26-3. MW3 is a much better game at this point. Too many issues on Black Ops 2.

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I enjoy MW3. I was looking forward to Black Ops 2, I played the first few days and it was excellent, quick gameplay, maps are good, different gamemodes. After about five days lag, spawntrapped alot, bad spawns, was getting kills when i never fired my gun, players not playing the objective, thrown out of games, get put into lobbies that the games were half way through and have no chance of winning, also they took Nuketown 24/7 down. Tonight i have gone back to MW3 and about to unlock 10th custom class, will probabley try and concentrate and playing this more.

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