Hey, IW. I have an idea. Fix your game.

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Re: Hey, IW. I have an idea. Fix your game.

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The head manager of Treyarch can't change all that .

But actually your right about the theatre mode because you need to spec other players as FP.

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Re: Hey, IW. I have an idea. Fix your game.

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SniperPTFO wrote:


- The Type-95 should have a close-range damage reduction, lowering it down to 35 damage per bullet. It should also have slightly more time in between bursts....

- AS50 should have more starting ammo, or have a higher run speed than the Barrett (currently they have exact same damage and mobility, but the Barrett has a higher fire rate, better zoom, higher magazines, and much more starting ammo).


- Remove Stealth Bomber, Airdrop Trap, and Juggernaut from the Support package.


- Remove lag compensation. It only causes problems and makes the game worse for everyone.

- Add an option to only join games with > 50, 75, 100 ms latency, or something like Black Ops had so you would only play Local games (at the expense of a longer queue time)

Have you thoguht of reducing the ammo for the Type 95?  It's a bit difficult to nerf the burst guns without making them totally inferior to folly automatic assault rifles I guess.  I personally prefer the MK14 as it's more economical with bullets so I won't need a pick up if I'm near a MOAB.

I've always thought the AS50 should have more ammo.  Its damage multipliers are the same as the Barrett and I can spam with that.  The recoil is the same and the AS50 takes longer to reload when empty.  I'd understand a gun being longer to reload if it had more ammo, but not less.  The raise and drop times for the AS50 are also inferior to the Barrett.

I suppose you you'd also want the Remote Sentry also removed from support because it's a lethal killstreak?  Don't mind people wanting non-lethal awards out of support (and this one is usually forgotten) but take out UAV from assault, even if few people bother using it.  The random care package can be annoying but I deal with that anyway.  And make all current airdropped assault awards no longer to be airdropped, except the random crate award.

The way the lag is implelemted means I can't play on Saturdays until quite late on because I never stand a chance of getting many shots away, even if I'm not host.  It's worse on Barebones because I'm hosting and often put in German dominated lobbies.  While every game has lag only MW3 has made me avoid the game when it is at its worst.  Gives me time to do other stuff or play other games but I don't want to miss out playing with friends really.  And I usually miss out ion a chunk of double weapon XP as a result.

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