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I'm 15th prestige lvl 80. Under Barracks I am able to enter prestige mode. WTF? I thought 15th was the highest. Am I missing something here?


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it puts you back to 15th prestige  level 1 again

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puts you back to prestige 15 lvl 1 but also gives you an extra prestige token to unlock what ever you choose

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In my opionion it's not worth it. Maybe if I had used my last prestige token and wanted another to reset my stats, I guess I would. Other than that, why would I want to go back to 15/1 again? Just for a token? I'm good.

Anyways, thx for the response.

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BanCandy said that you get a free token and you won't get banned for it.  So if you want you can collect a bunch of free tokens and if they ever release 16-20 then you can spend them on double XP and shoot to 20 quickly (talk about a legit token glitch!!!)

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