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^ Randy forum noob.

And, no, I never lag after this. Must be your connections then. Ask Padiego, I get host 24 fucking 7. I'm sick of people who never get host or barely get host to tell me to "suck it up" simply to the fact that I don't want to have my stats ruined over a free win over then enemy team.

@Dg3 Was I obligating you to do this? No. You are entitled to your own choice of doing this..

And if it is a stupid idea then why is my firends that actually did this not getting host and not lagging? Exactly..ffs randys need to f**k off sometimes. I haven't had host eversince I did this.

Don't bitch at me for what I have chosen to do.

Half of this hosting problem is because about 30% of the CoD Wii community have a good decent connection (I'm included) enough to get host. While the other 70% have shit connection and that forces me and Grom to be host..even though somehow Activision (yes the run our servers) wants us host, when we make a lot of people lag with our frame rate issues.

Hate all you want, I just am fucking done with CoD until they fix this shit.

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Its pretty bad, and I dont think they will be able to eliminate hosting lag, but at the very least need to migrate the host inbetween matches.  To be honest I dont know that it even picks the best host, I know guys with a much better connection than me who never pull host.  I am on a decent DSL setup and pull host 99% of the time.  The only way I can get into matches and not pull host is to keep backing out of the lobby until it puts me in a match that has either already started or is about to start.  But when playing with friends I have been pulling host all but one or two matches.  Your going to see host quit more and more if they dont fix this, people arent going to play laggy matches over and over again.  The only reason I live with it when playing with friends is because my team is good enough that I still play ok.  I would be really interested to know just how the game chooses the host, I am pretty convinced at this point that its not download or upload speed, possibly ping or low line jitter?  Whatever they do they need to do it soon.  Its getting old fast.

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Maybe you should just list the steps neccesary to change your QoS priority settings on a Cisco router, either in this thread or in the video description.   I wasted 3 minutes only to find out that the steps you describe are very specific and do not apply to my router.

For anyone with a Belkin router (possibly any router without a Gaming Tab or QoS option):

I found that putting my Wii in the DMZ gives me an open NAT but makes me host about 50% of the time, while enableing UPNP gives me a moderate NAT and only makes me host about 10% of the time.

You need to access your router's gateway via your web browser, the default gateway is usualy or something to that effect (if you cannot find it, check the labels on your router or go to Network Connections on your computer and click properties on the corresponding network).

Select System Settings in the Utilities menu, scroll down to UPNP Enabling and select the box marked "enable" and apply changes.

You should be all set unless you have previously put your Wii in the DMZ.  If so go to the Firewall menu and select DMZ, deselect the box marked "enable" and apply changes.

Note, if your NAT type is already moderate I'm not sure if this will help you.  If you still get host often try disabling UPNP and DMZ, however this made my NAT strict and it was harder to find matches.

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Odds are if your pulling host every time, your NAT says open.  Which means your connection has about zero restrictions, and the game likes you because you shouldnt have trouble connecting to anyone.  If you want to avoid being host every time, you need to change this.  For me, I finnally found a way.  In my DSL modem/router there is an option to turn on something called Strict UDP session control.  Its not messing with the ports, thats still in DMZ mode, but apparently is strict about what kinds of packets can come through.  When I turned this setting on and went to play a game, I noticed right away that my NAT was at moderate instead of open.  After player a few matches I was only chosen to host once.  Thats about a 90% reduction from typical.  All games ran fast and smooth, outside of the normal slowdown/framerate drops when enough explosions and gun fire are going on.  I turned it off later when I had some friends on so that I would pull host, its worth dealing with some host lag for my team so that we arent dealing with the host quiting mid match all the time.  When running solo though I will have this set to on for sure.  Hopefully Treyarch fixes it the right way, but until then this is a reasonable fix. 

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