Has this happened to you? *Discussion*

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I get my 4 kills in a row without dying. I decide to use my care package. I get an osprey gunner for example. It comes down and I'm not paying attention or some guy comes to kill me and I fight him for a few seconds. Some doofus walks up on my own team and steals my care package. He doesn't use it the whole game. Waste of Osprey gunner, waste of 4 kills.

This has happened to me numerous of times with AC-130s to the most randomly awesome care packages.

Has this happened to you? How many times? Leave a reply

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Nope... I don't use care packages. But I have seen that happen to a few of my teammates.

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A randoms  purpose:

Go severely negative

Steal care packages

That's it.

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Care packages are a low point streak for a reason, you set it, you assume the risk in using it.

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I find that I forget about my care package more than I should.

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