(Hardcore Ladies) FEMALE CLAN RECRUITING! 80+ members

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(Hardcore Ladies) FEMALE CLAN RECRUITING! 80+ memb...

Clantag: [HCL] Hardcore Ladies. Clan is based on Playstation 3 & XBOX. We are currently recruiting for MW3 and Black Ops 2.

Establishment: Ages vary from 18-45. There are currently 50+ members in the clan. We have no leaders, but more of a system of "government" that consists of 4 Captains/Founders.

Playstyle: Our clan really only consists of Hardcore Players, but we are open to accepting Core players as well. 90 percent of us are rushers. We're fast, we flank, and we don't mess around. We work on our objective, and we get it DONE.

Rules: Must play with the clan on a weekly basis. Must partcipate at least every now and then in Clan Challenges and/or Clan Operations.

Requirements: Obviously, you must be a female. This clan is 18+ ONLY. Also, sorry but you must have a mic/headset. It really helps out the clan in-game.

Contact: If interested, please private message our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/HardcoreLadies Also, you can either search for us on the Call of Duty Elite page or contact any one of the clan Captains at the PSN's below:

BrittanyFilth, crazy_aunt, JADEvengeance

Interesting Facts: We also have a Facebook page. Please, even if you're not interested in joining the clan, please support girl gamers out there and 'Like' us!



Thank you for your time!

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