Got title that didnt deserve...

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It was game wining kill where i knifed a guys.(i have no class with sticky) and in the end i get a semtix game kill title

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Yes some odd things do happen, last week when a game of domination was completed I got xp for completing a FFA challenge and twice now I have killed someone but was told it was a triple kill even though it wasn't and it was definitely just a single kill. I was on specialist and had no killstreak rewards active except for the extra perks...

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what's your point you want it taken back?

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It should be obvious to you what his point is.

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Happened to me before too. I got the Money Shot title because I got a payback in the final killcam, yet I didnt get the final kill. Actually I had the title from before and earned  it legit, but I completed the challenge at a later prestige when I didnt deserve it.

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