First MW3 Megathread: 3 Questions about you and MW3

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1) Single Player to get a feel for the game, and while I wait for my friends to get their copy (a bunch of us are going to the midnight release) Then we'll move on to either SpecOps or MP next, then the other.

2) In whatever way I can gain the most XP to unlock everything. Probably taking out as much air support as possible.

3) Joined the 4RUM, made many good friends, and turned 21/went to many bars. I also started to put videos onto my YouTube account, which had been dead since I created it. May get an HD-PVR just for MW3

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So when the OP said

2. How will you play MW3?

Probably as stealthily as possible..

that means he is going to Camp... good a camper before the game is even out.. well I hope to hunt you down and make you rage quit like every other low life camper i meat

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1. Which will you play first: MP or SP?

Single Player on all levels then into the MP to get owned by all the people that go straight into the MP and know the maps.

2. How will you play MW3?

If previous versions are anything to go by quite badly but will enjoy it, play style of run around and hopefully shoot more people than shoot me while planting bombs and capturing flags.

3. What was the most interesting thing you did in the summer of 2011?
Somehow after losing 6 players from last year managed to put my football team back together ready for the new season which just started and have got a new sponsor for it

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  1. MP

  2.Can you bring that Weapon From RoboCop

     that he carrys semi-automatic. wooah!!

  3. Not a 12 year old! An i have a job. SUCK IT!!!

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1.MP because i might be going out of town the following day so i wanna level up a little bit.If i don't go out of town,i'll do single player

2.The same way i always have.


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