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We are an awesome clan full of skilled players.
We are PSN based.
We beast out in any game mode.
We are looking for other good players to play with in public game modes/LEAGUE and clan vs clans/CG.
We also want to showcase our clan and it's members on YouTube so we want to create cool montages for you

and to help take you generally further than most.

So if you're a natural at Trickshots, Quickscope Feeds, 6+ rapid kills, Collaterals, Multi Explosives, Unstoppables...

If you're an epic Lone Soldier in ANY game mode, and you want a team that can strategize too...

1.7+ k/d is what we are looking for but it is just a guideline.

So apply now, here:
Check us out, here:

Check out some of our members showcased on YouTube.

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