Ever seen this KD? Feasible?

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Ever seen this KD? Feasible?

Hello Guys,

i have foundet in YouTube a Video, where a player get 83kills and 0 death in a round.

-QeWU7Kf5x253IKw&index=1 &feature=plcp

And i was realy suprised about it ,if it is really real.

Do you think,thats it real and doesnt with any cheat or other becouse i can´t see that?

I cant imagine that a player get a so high score!

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Re: Ever seen this KD? Feasible?

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It's possible, but not impressive. At least not the gameplay you linked. The guy has the Predator/Reaper/Pavelow set-up, specifically designed for kill whoring. He capped the B Flag, and then camped out under it the ENTIRE match with a motion sensor.

Things like that, I really don't consider legit, and find it pointless to upload them to Youtube. It takes little skill to do. These "high kill" games like this stopped being impressive after MW2 when everyone started using Kill Streaks for most of their kills, and camped out in one spot for most of the match.

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